Reflecting on 2021!

Reflecting on 2021!

2021 has been quite the year of ups and downs, I'm sure everyone can agree!

The year brought exciting growth with our business & social media supporters! But as most of you know, we had some unexpected challenges in December over a trademark discrepancy with our name. We were faced with the difficult decision to either fight, or else change our name and logos - completely rebrand our company. Of course at first we wanted to fight! Push back and stand up to this large company! Stand up for all of you and our mission!

And believe me we tried.

But then the reality of that hit us hard, and it would not be an easy feat. Not only the crazy costs involved, but the high stress, and toll it would take on our mental health. Who knows how long this battle would take; and ultimately take our focus and funds away from our main mission - mental health.

So as many of you noticed right in the middle of Christmas shopping season, we had to remove everything off our website, and stop all current production of both new items and replenishing sizes. We started trying to figure out how to rebrand our name and logos without it being a big change. We rushed to get it done in order to get some items on the website ASAP; but we are also dealing with major supply shortages.

This has been a huge upset to us, and has not been easy! But because of our amazing followers, we will NOT let it end us.
We WILL pivot, and we WILL grow! We will continue to push to end the silence around mental health, and encourage people to get outside for so many benefits.

The support from all of you has been overwhelming! It truly keeps us going each day. We appreciate your patience as we take the time to navigate this change, while taking a much needed break over the holiday season.

Stay tuned as 2022 begins, so does GTF Outside! Not only new clothes, but also events to help encourage everyone to
Get The F Outside!

New logo, same mission 💖

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